The Best 3 Spots to Promote Your Blog

The Best 3 Place to Promote Your Blog
The Best 3 Place to Promote Your Blog 

In this article we are going to explore some of the best places to promote your blog and how to drive some of those eyeballs BACK to your site. Fame, good fortune and with some work, phenomenal financial rewards may be closer than you think...but ONLY if your great content gets in front of the right people.  Read on as we look at three easy ways to do exactly that in record, rapid fire turn around time!

Article Directories:  Simply stated, article directories are NOT just for real estate, vitamins and men's health product promotions..:-)  Submitting your content to article directories, REGARDLESS of the niche you're in, is a PROVEN way of amping up the eyeballs that see your stuff, augmenting your SEO, and supercharging your affiliate sales in a hurry.  And of course, the good ones are absolutely FREE.  Try that on your next Google ad words campaign..;-)

Social Networks.  There is A LOT of hype around promoting your content to social networks.  I can tell you that much of it is just that - hype.  Whyall  Because whenever there is a low barrier of entry into a marketplace, and a reasonably effortless acceptance process, the rewards are unfortunately going to be low.  But - if you are a quality publisher, have good unique content and an interesting message, you can CRUSH any of your traffic records simply by getting involved with social submissions.  Stumbleupon, Digg, Mixx, et al are great places for exceptional people, and excellent content to if you think you've got the stuff, go make it happen in a hurry!

Press Releases.  This is almost so silly simple I hate to share it.  Contrary to submitting offline PR, there are any number of FREE press release services that will take your content and syndicate it around the web.  Often they will let you promote the heck out of your offer too, which is sort of against the spirit of the conventional press release, but REALLY good for us as publishers.  You can promote YOUR stuff, affiliate stuff, blogs, thoughts, name it, if you can write it, you can push it with PR, and fast!

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